A household blessing

I am very pleased to have found a wonderful game to help support my household budget. Let me explain, you can see that above I hit the jackpot. It was awesome after saving my rolls for it. If you can’t find a few mins to play. You might want to spin the daily spin to store the rolls. You will have a few seconds in your day for that. You won’t regret it.

Here you will see my awesome mop. The item I won this time around was the mopping cloth. The best thing was it shipped very quickly to my mailbox. If you’re interested in the game you could use my friend code 2095629. You and I both will be rewarded with bonus rolls.

There is a dice on the game screen touch it to change the colors of the rolls. I this will allow you the chance to win different point totals. You will find it addicting. I am sorry I have no idea how to shrink that image. Screenshot_2018-05-31-06-52-33.png

If you choose the white dice you will see the screen above. I am great with the basketball now. I won’t bother with the shooter game. I suck big time. No lie on that one. The best dice would be the 5.Screenshot_2018-10-10-12-13-43 (1).png

If you have a few mins this would be one app you won’t regret adding. Thank you.



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