Happy Birthday Linda

Blessing one and all. 

Today was the day my mom and dad were blessed with my loving sister Linda Joan, Lol love girl. Today she will arrive at my home for a little while. I wanted to thank her for all she has done to help me. I know I won’t be able to do that as well. There is no cake here for her but something she needs more is waiting on her.

I want to say that while I have her in my life. I won’t be showering her with gifts and hugs on her birthday. Every day of the year is her birthday. We must make it a point to show love when we can. I have learned a powerful lesson through loss. I am sorry but it’s true. Linda, you are an angel and never forget it. This is not your only day to shine just know that I love you every day rain or shine. 11/5 was just the day you arrived.

Today is my mom’s special day as well. If it were not for her love we would not have Linda today. Bless you, forever Claudine. FrugalShay.

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