Preparing for the holiday seasons

Ziploc Gallon Slider Storage Bags, 96 Count

I have begun to order items to start selling on These are one of the commonly used items in my home. for a long while, I used ziplock bags to put items in prior to wrapping to ship out. Today I was blessed to have delivered my next order to begin listing. You might find these useful for many uses around your home.

Can you see the ease in clean up if you tape a picture of a puzzle or game then store in these bags? They would be able to fit in a storage box on a shelf. If that is not a good one how about those lego pieces you don’t want to step on. Let’s make use of these wonderful items while we can.

Mine is going to be stuffed with socks to mail out for Christmas. You just never want your items to arrive wet during rain or snow season. If you don’t mind paying to ship I would not mind sending you a free random pair of socks.  Just message if it’s a female or male. I am sure $2 should cover that in The USA. the male socks run to a 13 and the female a 7-10. Happy holiday’s to you one and all.

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