Don’t waste time

Good day to you,

Please excuse this blog’s tone. I am frugal to the best of my ability. However, I value my time since it’s priceless. I have too many people complaining about not having this or that around me. Now don’t get me wrong I live on $783 each month. I struggle like you would not believe to manage. I make it the best I can. I am tired of people with no desire to lift a hand and try. You make it or break it in life. A try is more powerful than you think.

I am sharing a few links today use them or not it only helps you and I. But never say you did not have help. This will allow you to shop online and earn cash back. Just registering allows you and I $. Have fun. Please understand this would have been my best offer if it were not cutting back on earning. I still cash out so that is all that counts. Get yourself a cell phone you don’t have service on. Run the mobile apps every day. I am almost sure there 5 in total. a little adds ups over time. If you have a computer run the watch video while your cooking or better yet going out of the house. It all adds up.

This by far has been the one I cashed out the most this month. get a second computer. plug it in and let the engage videos to run. Link your PayPal or use gift cards. I am never giving this one up.

I don’t want to rip off your eyeballs, for now, this will due. Please understand you get a good amount when you give enough of your time. Stay at home adults. Let’s get moving.

If you have a cell phone you have access to money.

Very dice ships free friend code 2095629

Anything  you like from Amazon is right at your fingertips


Thank you FrugalShay

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